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Sun Jun 25, 2017
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Our comany's mission "To be one of Florida's largest suppliers of Home Improvement and Design products." Attaining this with pre-owned, close-out and also new products for your home.

Your home is generally one of the largest investments you'll make during your lifetime.

Florida Salvage is the leader in finding home improvement and design items for you that would otherwise be destroyed or thrown away.

In finding these "Salvaged Items" we will pass on large savings to you. Whether you are a homeowner, do it your selfer, general contractor, landlord, architect, interior designer, landscaper, artist, realtor, antique dealer, and the list goes on and on.

Floridasalvage.com will be your web-site of choice. Our site will be an everchanging source of information for "YOU" the consumer. We will strive to save you not only money but precious time with your shopping experience.

Our company now serves Southeastern Florida, the tri-county areas of Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade counties. Another goal of ours is to expand to the Southwestern coast of Florida, including the Naples area in the near future.

Continuing build out in our neighborhoods across the country and the subsequent demand for real estate in desirable areas means more and more original properties are becoming tear downs.

To our clients FloridaSalvage.com specializes in the management and brokering of salvageable and recyclable items from YOUR property. Our pre-demolition Salvage and Estate Sales operations allow tear down OR remodeling property owners, and/or their agents, the chance to maximize profits. Our jobs are always professionally supervised, safe and PROFITABLE.
We are the TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS that guarantee you the HIGHEST PROFITS from your propery. Call us at 954-347-6280 or e-mail at sales@floridasalvage.com
Please read our Services Section and Contact Us page.

Maximize your profits with trusted professionals who are knowledgeable in the salvage and construction business.

To our customers FloridaSalvage.com offers high quality home improvement and design items that are salvaged and inturn used and recycled by YOU the customer. Items we offer for sale are always at reasonable prices, and always below retail cost. Please read Our Sales section for upcoming SALVAGE and ESTATE SALES and Email List page to subscribe to receive free e-mail information about upcoming sales. Call us at 954-347-6280 or e-mail at sales@floridasalvage.com

Other salvageable items you will see at our sale include architectural pieces, antiques, original fixtures, plants and landscaping, collectibles, furniture - and more. These are just a few of the types of items that you can find at our Salvage and Estate Sales, and now, on our website at: www.floridasalvage.com.

Save money by attending our sales and being a frequent visitor to our web site.

See you at the sale!

Thank You,
Steven Jowers

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